Our range of side dishes, breads and rice dishes. 


Vegetable Accompaniments


Khurkuri Bhindi  £2.30
crispy fried slices of Okra tossed in tangy chat masala and fresh coriander.


 Aloo Anardana  £2.30
Potatoes cooked with sun-dried pomegranite seeds and fresh coriander.


Gobi Gulistan  £2.75
Florets of cauliflower and broccoli tossed with ginger and onions.


Panir Simla Mirch  £2.75
Panir and capsicum pan-fried with dry spices.


 Saag Makai  £2.75
Spinach and baby corn stir-fried with chefs own recipe ~ very tasty.


Labrah Bhaji  £2.30
Carefully selected mixed vegetables from all the regions cooked with traditional five spice.


Panir Makhani  £2.75
Fresh soft Indian cheese cooked with methi and green cardamon flavoured tomato sauce.


Aloo Palak  £2.75
Fresh spinach cooked with spiced potatoes with fresh herbs and coriander.


Saag Bhaji  £2.30
Fresh spinach cooked with onions and fresh herbs.

Saag Panir £2.75
Fresh spinach cooked with onion, fresh herbs and Indian cheese

Shabzi Makhani  £2.75
Seasonal vegetables cooked together in a sweet and sour sauce with ginger juliennes.


Chana Bhuna £2.30
Chick peas cooked with onions, tomatoes and fresh herbs, lightly spiced.


Tarka Dhall  £2.30
Assorted lentils cooked with fried garlic and onions.


Brinjal Bhaji  £2.30
Fresh aubergines (egg plant) cooked with onions and fresh herbs, lightly spiced.


Shim Bhaji  £2.30
Fresh French beans cooked with tomatoes and lightly spiced onions.


 Mushroom Bhaji  £2.75
Fresh mushrooms cooked with onions and fresh herbs.


Aloo Bhindi  £2.75
Potatoes and fresh okra (ladies fingers) cooked together with dozens of spices and fresh herbs.


Garlic Mushroom £2.75
Fresh mushroom cooked with onion, garlic and fresh herbs


Breads and Rice

Chapatti  £1.50
Wholemeal bread baked on Tawa.


 Naan  £1.75
Freshly baked leavened bread.


 Garlic Naan  £2.25


Keema Naan  £2.75
Minced Lamb.


Peshwari Naan  £2.75
Honey and Almond.


Cheese, Garlic & Coriander Naan  £2.75


Special Naan  £2.75
Leavened bread baked with onions, garlic and green pepper, with a touch of coriander.


Onion Kulcha  £2.25
Leavened bread baked with a generous touch of onions.


Masala Kulcha  £2.25
Vegetables and a sprinkle of cumin seeds.


Paratha  £2.50
Wholemeal bread rolled and fried in butter ~ chefs favourite.


Batura  £1.50
Delicate puffy yoghurt bread ~ recommended.


Kashmiri Special rice  £2.95
Pilau rice fried with mixed fruits.


Bengal Style Fried Rice  £3.50
Chicken, Meat, Prawn, French Beans, stir fried with rice, fresh coriander ~ a delicious speciality.


Mushroom Pilau  £2.95


Vegetable Pilau £2.95


Saffron Pilau Rice  £2.25
Saffron flavoured Basmati Rice, the perfect companion to your meal.


Chicken and Egg Fried Rice  £3.25


Plain Rice (steamed)  £2.10


Egg Fried Rice £2.50


Chilli Fried Rice £2.50

 Saag Pilau Rice £2.95