Our range of Pan Asian main courses.

Our selection of 'Old Favourites' ~ these dishes are recognised by everyone and have been enjoyed by generations of Indian food lovers. your choice of dishes can be prepared with any of the following
Fresh Vegetables £5.50, Chicken £5.95, Chicken Tikka £6.95, Lamb £6.95, Prawns £5.75, King Prawns £9.50, Salmon Tikka £8.25, Beef £7.95, 1/2 Tandoori Chicken £6.50 
Bhuna Dishes
A thoroughly garnished dish with onions, capsicum and tomatoes with a touch of selected spices.
A carefully thought out diash for the discerning palate ~ hot enough to convince anyone that 'up market' does not mean bland ~ slightly hot taste.
Pathia Dishes
A popular dish cooked in a slightly hot sauce producing a hot and sour taste.
 The famous Bangladeshi chilli cooked in a variety of spices ~ very hot
Prepared with chopped green pepper and a mix of fresh and braised onions ~ slightly hot taste.
Cooked with fresh spinach, a touch of garlic and spices, a medium strength dish.
Rogan Josh
Robustly spiced dish with herbs, spices, cashew nuts and tomatoes ~ a classic dish.
Cooked with lentils, spices and green herbs, touch of red pepper, producing a hot and sour tates.
We are convinced this dish needs no introduction!
Cooked in a variety of spices and herbs garnished with a tantalising sauce.
The combination of herbs and spices make this dish very tastefully spicy, garnished with onions, tomatoes and a generous touch of coriander.
Additional Vegetable, Mushroom, Spinach £1.00 extra (each item) 
Basmati Rice treated together with Lamb, Chicken or vegetables with delicate spices and herbs ~ a risotto-like dish served with fresh Vegetable Curry or Tarka Dhall, please ask.
Chicken, Prawn or Vegetable £7.75, Chicken/Lamb tikka £9.75, King Prawn £11.95, Lamb £8.75, Beef £9.75
Specialities of Goa
Fish £8.50
The famous Goan speciality ~ escalops of Monkfish, cooked with panch puran, egg plant and potatoes in an onion and tomato sauce.
Goan Fish Rasam £8.75
The famous Goan speciality of the day. Monkfish cooked with five puran spices and a hint of red chilli paste. A very homestyled dish, medium strength. Chef recommended.
Chicken Xacuti £6.25/ Lamb Xacuti £7.25
A very popular dish, Chicken or Lamb meat cooked in roasted spices, coconut milk and fresh curry leaves, creating a mild flavoursome dish.
Chicken Danna £6.25
Chicken nibblets marinated in special Tamarinds spices. Homestyled cooking
Coriander Chicken £6.25
An exceptional Chicken curry in a smooth gravy ~ well flavoured, a firm favourite.
Thawa Dish
Chicken, prawn, or Vegetable £6.25 Lamb £7.25 King Prawn £9.95
Sizzling in a pan, exceptional curry in a smooth gravy, very tasty, fully spiced. (Please ask for medium or hot).
Chicken Kanchon £6.25
Tandoori Baked Chicken prepared in a sweet or sour sauce. A hint of Kashmiri Chilli paste. Chefs own spice. Very tasty!
Chicken Haryali £6.25
Tandoori chicken baked and cooked with a dozen Goany spices and green herbs and touch of mustard. Medium. Recommended!
Bengali Cuisine


Mildly spiced with ground almonds and cream
Chicken £6.75, Lamb £7.25, King Prawn £9.50

Mangsho Lal Kumro £7.25
A typical Beef stew with sweet gourd, prepared in a robust sauce simmered over slow heat with a mixture of freshly ground garam masala and herbs.
Bengal Fish Curry £8.25
The famous Bengali speciality ~ pan fried Salmon steaks simmered in freshly ground spices and dill sauce.
Chicken or Prawn £6.25 Lamb £7.25 King Prawn £9.50
A classic dish from the North of Bengal, tastefully spiced with a variety of herbs and spices, garnished with sauteed tomatoes, green pepper and fresh coriander.
Roopchanda Fish £8.25
The famous Cox's Bazaar, Bengali Pomfret pan fried, with spiced tantalising gravy sauce. Touch of coriander and herbs, served with saffron rice and salad. Chef recommends this dish.
Punjab Cuisine
Lamb Chop Korwari £7.25
Lamb with citrus fruit and ginger. French cut English Lamb cooked indian style ~ recommended.
Ajwaini Jhinga £9.50
King sized Prawns in a light tomato sauce with coriander and fenugreek and green pepper juliennes.
Chicken Jalfrezi £6.25/ Lamb Jalfrezi £7.25/ King Prawn Jalfrezi £9.50
Cooked with onions and green pepper together with a dozen spices and green herbs. (medium or hot ~ please ask).
Chicken £6.25, Lamb £7.25 King Prawn £9.50
Chicken, Lamb or King Prawn ~ a carefully spiced dish with bay leaves and fresh garam masala, prepared with diced green vegetables ~ a very home style dish, medium strength but recommended slightly hot.
Tandoori Garlic Chilli Chicken £6.75
Chopped fresh garlic, chilli, coriander and herbs. Chicken well flavoured a firm favourite. Slightly hot.
Rajastani Dishes
Rajastani Lamb £7.25/ Chicken 6.75/ King Prawn £9.50 
Fillet of Lamb marinated in pickled spices, simmered in slightly hot tangy sauce with balsamic vinegar.
Chicken £6.75 King Prawn £9.50
Tandoor baked chicken or King Prawn simmered in a tanatlising sweet and sour butter sauce, touch of tamarind, a hint of chilli paste ~ a fabulous dish.
Fish Tikka Makhani £8.75
Salmon steak simmered in delicate sweet an dsour butter sauce with fresh coriander and fenugreek ~ delicious to taste.
Chicken £7.25 King Prawn £9.50
Tandoor baked chicken or King Prawn prepared in a sweet and sour butter sauce flavoured with fenugreek and fresh coriander ~ a tastefully spiced and deliciously mild dish.
Nowabi Lamb £7.25
Tender fillet of Lamb cooked in fresh garlic and ginger, variety of herbs and spices.
Jalali Lamb £7.25
Fillet of Lamb marinated in garlic sauce, cooked with spring onions, kidney beans and fresh green chilli.
Moghul Dishes
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Masala £7.95
We present our own exclusive recipe of succulent Chicken Tikka in smooth masala sauce.
Lamb/Chicken Passanda £7.95
Tender fillet of Lamb, mildly spiced with cream and garnished with pistachio ~ a characteristically rich and creamy sauce.
Jhinga Masala £9.50
King-sized Prawns baked in Tandoor, extensively prepared with a rich tomato based sauce a hint of sour yoghurt.
Gulistan Salmon £8.25
The famous north Bengal speciality. Pan fried Salmon steaks cooked freshly with ground spices, broccoli and green chilli.
Chicken Moghlai £7.75
A classic dish from north Bengal, cooked with eggs and panir, touch of yoghurt cooked in Tamarinds style.
Set Meals
Raj dinner For Two
Popadoms and Chutneys to begin followed by
Mixed Starters.
Main Course
Coriander Chicken - Lamb Xacuti - Panir Makhani
Special Naan - Saffron Rice 
Coffee & Mints
£22.50 for two persons
Tamarinds Special Thali £13.95
Rajastani chicken, Lamb passanda, King Prawn Rogan Josh, Garlic Mushroom, Sag Pilau Rice, Puree Bread
Bombay Thali
A traditional Vegetarian speciality offering a connoisseurs' selection of main courses enabling you to discover the intricacies of our cuisine ~ beautifully presented on a traditional platter.
Aloo Gobi - Mushroom & Spinach Bhajee - Chana Masala - Paneer Makhani served with rice and Chapati. (V)
£10.95 per person.
Chefs Special Thali
An appetising range of full flavoured dishes including : Chicken Makhani - Lamb Rogan - Corriander Chicken - Onion Bhajee
 Served with saffron pilau rice and Yoghurt bread
£11.95 per person
Tandoori Mixed Grill
Sheekh Kebab - King Prawn - Lamb Tikka - Chicken Tikka - Salmon Tikka - Tandoori Chicken
Served with salad and naan bread
£12.95 per person