Please find below our selection of fine starters

  Old Favourites
Sheekh Kebab £2.95
Lean ground Lamb and Chicken robustly flavoured with green pepper and coriander. Smoked in Tandoor
Zaffrani Tikka £2.75
Supreme of chicken marinated in freshly ground garam masala, garlic & cheese
Stuffed Peppers £2.95
Green pepper roasted in Tandoor, filled with a choice of lightly spiced Chicken, Lamb or Vegetable
Gazab Ka Tikka £2.95
Spicy morsels of Chicken chargrilled, marinated and deep fried crisp
Chicken Shashlik £3.25
Cooked on charcoal with tomatoes and green pepper
Onion Bhajee £2.75
Diced onions and vegetables, Seasoned with spices and green herbs fried crisp.
Chefs Selection
Somosa £2.75
A traditional Bangladeshi roadside fare, diced vegetables lightly spiced and wrapped in an envelope of pastry (V)
Aloo Tikka £2.75
An unusual dish of pounded potato, spiced with ground chilli paste and fresh coriander, fried crisp, topped with sweet yoghurt, tamarind chutney and ground cumin
Salmon Tikka £3.95
Pan fried Salmon steak, sprinkled with tumeric and rock salt
Jalpari Fish £3.95
Fresh fish of the day, marinate in mustard dominated spices hot smoked in the Tandoor, served with coriander flavoured risotto and parmesan shaving

 Sofiani King Prawn £4.95
Pounded giant tiger prawns savoured with spice and fresh herbs, pan fried.


Fish Amritsari £3.95
Chunks of crispy Fish Nuggets, marinated in carom flavoured chick pea batter, shallow fried
Pathia Puree
Chicken or Prawn £2.95 King Prawn £4.75
Chicken, Prawn or King Prawn cooked in sweet and sour butter sauce served on crispy yoghurt bread
Special Starter £3.95
A combination of three starters; Prawn Puree, Chicken Tikka Malai, Onion Bhajee
Changezi Champen £3.25
Best end of Lamb cutlets, marinated with fennel, pepper and mild spices
Chicken Tikka Garlic Stir Fry £3.25
Seasoned with herbs and spices
Tamarinds Bites £4.50
A combination of chicken nibbles, lamb chop, spring roll and sheekh kebab
Tandoori Fish Pura £4.95
Mackerel fish marinated in mustard dominated by hot spices, in Tamarinds sauce
Stir Fry Squid £3.95
Squid quickly tossed in spring onion, fresh curry leaves and a hint of spice Lovely starter, chef recommended
Murghi Bora £3.25
Pounded chicken flavoured with fresh herbs, pan fried
Aloo Chatt £2.95
Pounded potato, fresh herbs, with chillies and a slight touch of butter served on a crispy puree (V)
Gobi Cauli Panir Roll £2.95
Pounded cauliflower with cheese, green chillies and fresh herbs, deep fried (V)
Keema Bora £3.25
Lean ground lamb flavoured with green pepper, chillies and coriander deep fried with breadcrumbs
Avocado with Prawns £2.50
Prawn or Melon cocktail £2.20
Plain or spicy Popadom £0.50
Mango Chutney & fresh pickles £0.50
Mixed Starter Platters (2 persons or more)

 Vegetable £6.50
A selection of Chef's favourite Vegetable starters
Fish £12.50
A variety of Fish and King Prawn accompanied by a Vegetable Shashlik
Mixed £7.50
A combination of Lamb and Chicken accompanied by a vegetable Shashlik
Starters served with accompanying chutneys, dips and fresh crisp salad